Alexei Gordin

Alexei Gordin (b. 1989, Tomsk) lives and works in Tallinn. He studied painting in Tallinn and Helsinki. Although having a painter’s background, he works within the medium of drawing, photography, video and performance. The primary subject of his artistic practice is stereotypical thinking and behavior patterns of people in contemporary society. His works are often narrative, covering exciting and irritating situations by picturing the harsh reality of the art world, where the artist is the protagonist. Scenes scattered with black humor deconstruct the image of the professional art world as something elitist and glamorous.

For Gordin, capitalism is nothing but objectifying different aspects of life, exalting commodity into the status of god. He answers to these conditions by visualizing absurd but very possible situations where the artist gets objectified. The situations get drawn from his own fears, displeasures and inner experiences of being a contemporary artist, that intertwine with wider questions of global mass culture and social dysfunctions. Gordin considers painting as an everyday practice which also functions as a surreal diary full of criticism. He speculates on relationships between art making and capital, by juxtaposing these things, new perspectives and behavior patterns can be found. 

Gordin’s practice questions painting and its aesthetics. These do not occur as a medium, but as a tool for study, speculation and documentation of wider processes materialized through the prism of the artist’s existence. Gordin focuses on how picture and text can influence public perception through the creation of spontaneous and familiar narratives. His interest in figurative painting can be described as self-irony, an attempt to deconstruct the collective image of the art world.